put dio in a garbage can


i could be doing any number of things before i have to leave to go to work but nah man i gotta look at all this sensual goofy fanart someone put on pixiv. There are PAGES of soft core goofy fanart to go through, sorry work, i’m going to be late

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the japanese voice actor for hans (frozen) also voices dio what a piece of trash

(thank you for coming to my livestream!! i had fun)


I find it hard to believe that pol never got sunburnt, considering how 1 he has fair skin 2 his upper back and shoulders are ALWAYS exposed and 3 the stardust crew treks through the desert for 99% of the arc

Joylene, Hermes, and Foo Fighters should be known as Jojo's Angels. And my buddy said to replace Joylene with Annasui.



i haven’t watched CA in ages

also why would you replace best girl??????

bruno: hey whats up...............zipper man
giorno: do you have a signature on your texts or something
bruno: no...............zipper man


awh there’s a ladybug on my screen


awh there’s a ladybug on my screen